The House of Time, Inc.                                                        

1 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA

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About Us

We service and sell all types and kinds of watches and clocks. We specialize in antique and vintage timepieces. Visit us in the center of Gettysburg PA to have your watch or clock repaired to its former glory. We also have hundreds of antique and historic watches and clocks in stock for sale. We are the go-to store for the historical reenactor.

Jim Michaels has a long and great history in the horology field.  Beginning when he was only 10 years old, Mr. Michaels has made watch and clock repair his lifelong career and passion.  He has studied the art of watchmaking in Switzerland, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.  Mr. Michaels was the past conservator for the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors Museum located in Columbia, PA and he went on to establish and run, as Director and instructor, the N.A.W.C.C. School of Horology, also located in Columbia, PA.  After the School of Horology closed in June 2012, Mr. Michaels took some time off and in November 2012 re-opened his watch and clock shop in Gettysburg, PA.  Mr. Michaels is celebrating 50 years in horology this year and looks forward to celebrating many more!